Our role is to assess cyber risk, prepare a cyber battle plan, educate & train you and your staff on cyber threats in order to keep your business operational. 


Don’t Be A Victim

Why Your Business needs Cyber protection.

The threat to your business is no longer who comes in the front door.

Cyber criminals have mastered the art of digital theft on a massive scale.

Ransomware, Malware, Spyware and Viruses are some of their tools of trade.

At best, a Cyber attack on your business will prevent you from accessing your clients files and data.

At worst, a Cyber attack will take that information on your clients and sell it on the Dark Web – Your business reputation dies on that day and perhaps so does the trust you clients place in you.



Charge Forward

Cyber crime in Australia

“For small business, even the smallest cyber security event can have devastating impacts.” Australian Cyber Security Centre

The average loss in dollars is $6,000 per cyber crime event.

The estimated annual cost to businesses nationwide is $328,000,000.

From July to September 2019 there was a 25%+ rise in cyber crime in 3 states, Queensland, Victoria & New South Wales.

Professional service firms such as financial planning, mortgage brokers, insurance firms, medical and legal firms are all prime targets because of the client data they hold and financial information held about clients and their own business accounts.

Dark Web Surveillance

A sample of our Dark Web search results from September to December 2019. Real businesses, real threats.

  • 16 compromises – Southport Accounting firm 
  • 11 compromises – On Line Legal firm 
  • 22 compromises – Gold Coast financial planning firm 
  • 65 compromises – Town Planning 
  • 100 compromises SE Qld Law firm
  • 6 compromises – Global business  educator for SME’s 
  • 2 compromises – Gold Coast accounting firm 
  • 5 compromises – Gold Coast accounting firm 
  • 39 compromises – Brisbane law firm
  • 52 compromises – Gold Coast law firm 
  • 9 compromises – Top 100 accounting firm 
  • 39 compromises – Brisbane accounting firm 
  • 2 compromises – Financial planning dealer group 
  • 30 compromises – Listed financial services firm 
  • 2 compromises – Life insurance company 
  • 2 compromises – Gold Coast mortgage broker 

our history

I have 20+ years in financial services and 15 as a business owner, just like many of you. 

In 2018 a staff email address at our main service providers office was hacked. As a result a large amount of client data from across the group was obtained illegally including a number of our clients personal data.

This set the wheels in motion to create a solution to help better protect my financial services clients and help other businesses to better understand the risks of cyber crime.

Who is Hawkeye?

Owned and operated by a former Signals Intelligence specialist in the Australian Army with training in communications security, electronic warfare and military intelligence.

Defence Work

Military postings included the Defence Signals Directorate (now the Australian Signals Directorate) which is the the hub for the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Why be alert?

What is the Dark Web?

It’s a sub layer of the internet that is hidden from normal internet search engines. It is estimated to be 550 times larger than the web you know. Because it operates anonymously it holds a vast amount of stolen data and illegal activity. 


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